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New York City Dust and Debris Standards 

      The City of New York Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) is one of few housing departments to include lead-safety requirements in their contracts with rehabilitation contractors working in HUD- and city-funded rehabilitation programs.

      These requirements are preventative measures that must be undertaken by the contractor to prevent exposure of building occupants or future occupants and their belongings as well as the contractor's workers to lead contamination. The requirements apply to activities undertaken during the contractor's renovation, painting, plumbing, electrical or other work activities within a building built prior to 1960 that disturb intact building material and cause, or have potential to cause dust, dust chips or other construction-related debris.

      The general requirements prohibit certain dangerous activities, such as grinding or sanding without a HEPA exhaust, heat gun operating above 1100 degrees Fahrenheit, open flame burning, etc.. They require that wet methods be used to suppress dust generation, that HEPA filters be used on vacuums, and the careful containment of construction debris, among other things. Notification of residents, proper set-up to contain waste and construction dust, and clean-up methods are also specified.

      The requirements are included in a document called Dust and Debris Management Procedures, and are made a part of contracts between HPD and the general contractors who are hired as part of the City's ongoing rehabilitation programs.

      The cost of undertaking these extra requirements has been estimated at approximately $1,000 per unit and is included as a line item in the trade payment breakdown. If the contractors do not follow the procedures, that payment can be withheld. HPD inspectors have been trained as Lead Risk Assessors, and are familiar with the Dust and Debris standards. They are responsible for inspecting rehabilitation projects and monitoring the implementation of the Procedures.


You may download a copy of the New York City Dust & Debris Standards in Acrobat (.pdf) format.(File size 31k.)

Overview of State Lead Laws

An overview of the laws and regulations that states have passed regarding lead hazard identification and control is available through the HUD web site at www.hud.gov/lea/lealinks.html.

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National Center for Lead-Safe Housing

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